Norwich CT roofing contractor

Finding a good Norwich CT roofing contractor is one of the most vital parts of a roofing project. Do you have a roofing project that you want to be done professionally? Pierce Roofing And Home Improvements is a reputable roofing company who can offer you high-quality roofing services at a cost-friendly price, without any hassles along the way. We value your siding and your roofing needs and that’s why we use quality materials and incorporate excellent workmanship to leave you completely satisfied. You can be assured that:

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home. The interiors are important but without a good roof, they can get damaged anytime. That is why, if you have roofing concerns, you should contact a trusted Norwich CT roofing contractor to work on your roof and do it right. Keeping in mind, that there are far too many amateur roofers who offer quality services but end up doing shoddy work. For guaranteed protection and structural integrity of your roof or siding:

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Roof leak repair

• Roof repair and installation

• Installing siding

• Both residential and commercial Roofs

• Ridge vents

• Tear off

• Flat roofs

• Flashing repair and replacement

• Complete cleanup and removal

Why You Should Hire a Professional Norwich CT Roofing Contractor

A professional roofing company has years of experience. The roofers also know about the materials and equipment needed to get the work done correctly. Roofing is a complex task and missing a small point may lead to problems later. At Pierce Roofing, we have knowledgeable and experienced roofers who know where to look for what caused the leak or damage, incase your roof has leaks. Climbing up on the rooftop is risky work. Falling from roofs is a common occurrence. Our roofers have been trained properly to move roofing materials to the roof and have all the safety equipment and expertise needed to get the job done safely.

Replacing or repairing a residential roof is a big job. It may take a professional roofing crew two or more days to finish the task. Attempting to do the job yourself or hiring an amateur will take much longer since it lacks the manpower, proper tools, equipment, and know-how. Hiring Pierce Roofing not only gets it done more conveniently but the roof is also installed expertly to prevent any problems in future. Most people think that by doing the job themselves as opposed to hiring a professional contractor they will save money. However, this is not the case. A professional, licensed, Norwich CT roofing company can get materials at a discounted rate so they get better quality materials for the money. There are long-term costs which result from improper materials, mistakes, and poor installation. Also, roofs installed professionally have lesser maintenance costs as time goes by.

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If you will be selling your home in the future, hiring a qualified professional roofing contractor adds value to your home. In addition to curb appeal and design, a home inspector can identify a professionally installed roof. Warranties will transfer to the new owner and they will also have access to the information on the roof’s materials and construction. These things guarantee possible buyers that they are making a valuable investment. Hire Pierce Roofing And Home Improvements for a job that you will be proud of for many years to come.

Pierce Roofing And Home Improvements – Your Premier Roofing Company

At Pierce Roofing, we have roofers who are well trained and experienced in working with any type of roof. No work is “too small” or “too big” for us. No matter the size of the project, you can expect the utmost professionalism and dedication. Furthermore, we are licensed and insured to ensure that you’re protected, should anything happen in the course of the project. We value our customer satisfaction and that’s why we strive to offer high-quality services according to your needs. For each project, we guarantee the following:

Quality materials • Reliable and efficient services • Fast response time • Flexible scheduling • 24/7 emergency services • Excellent workmanship

Finding a good, reliable Norwich CT roofing contractor is the most crucial step in your home’s roof replacement or repair project. Contact Pierce Roofing And Home Improvements to get the job done right the first time.

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